Poster and Presentation Abstracts

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At KOALA, all attendees are expected to present either a poster presentation or short talk. Presenting at KOALA 2018 offers attendees a fantastic way to practice making academic posters and student talks, gain skills in public speaking, and learn how to answer audience questions in a friendly environment.

Poster Presentations

Poster presentations involve attendees to present an academic poster on their current research at the Poster Session. There will be two poster sessions, so presenting attendees can have the opportunity to observe other students posters. Attendees presenting a poster are expected to be at their poster during their poster session so that they can answer questions from other attendees. Details on the poster requirements will be available soon. Prior to the poster session, there will be a poster preview session where presenters will give a 60-second preview of their poster with the aim to encourage other attendees to view their poster to get more information.

Student Talks

Student Talks involve attendees presenting a 12-minute talk on their current research, followed by 3 minutes question time. In your talk, you are expected to give a brief introduction/overview of your topic before you discuss your specific research in detail.