Presentation styles

All attendees are expected to present their research at KOALA. This year we have two research presentation styles:

  • An oral presentation, comprising a 12 minute talk with 3 minutes for questions.
  • A poster presentation to be presented at the poster evening. We will maintain the rapid-fire poster preview introduced last year, where each delegate must give a 90 second talk introducing their poster. Presenters will have a single slide queued up, and we will move through these talks as fast as possible, as questions can wait until we are standing in front of the posters later on in the conference.

We are also looking for senior students to run tutorials on their area of expertise. Since the conference covers a wide range of topics, we will hold tutorials to cover the basic background material required for some of the common fields represented at the conference. This will ensure that the audience gets the most out of each research during the conference. If you’re interested in helping out with a tutorial you can show your interest upon registration, where you can let us know what topics you’d be able to cover, or email us directly at Some possible topics include (but not limited to!): quantum information, quantum optics, ultracold atoms (neutral or ions), optical sensing, biological applications, waveguides, fibres or photonic crystals.